Professional Work

Lone Echo / Echo Arena (PC/Oculus VR)


Role: Lead Tools Programmer
Studio: Ready At Dawn Studios // Irvine, CA
Status: Released July 2017
Core Tech: Ready At Dawn Engine

  • Designed and implemented a prefab system that supports nested prefabs.
  • Designed and implemented a property editor with UI driven by a simple markup language.
  • Converted numerous tools from C++ to Python (+ DLLs).
  • Wrote game-specific tools for generating scripts for “bio threat” mechanic.
  • Implemented unit testing for python codebase and lead efforts towards improving coverage.
  • Implemented system for reporting and tracking python exceptions.
  • Lead efforts to improve user facing tools documentation.

De-Formers (PS4/XB1/PC)


Role: Lead Tools Programmer
Studio: Ready At Dawn Studios // Irvine, CA
Status: Released April 2017
Core Tech: Ready At Dawn Engine

  • Improved tools infrastructure to facilitate working on multiple projects.
  • Designed an onboarding process to get new employees up and running quickly and easily.
  • Improved scalability of environment workflows to support a more modular workflow.
  • Wrote scripts and tools for packaging and profiling asset archives.

The Order: 1886 (PS4)


Role: Technical Art Generalist (Tools/Engine Team)
Studio: Ready At Dawn Studios // Irvine, CA
Status: Released February 2015
Core Tech: Ready At Dawn Engine

  • Developed tools and assisted with engine features for a proprietary engine.
  • Worked directly with the Technical and Art Directors to improve tools & workflows throughout the studio.
  • Contributed to tools for Scripting, World Building, Design, Cinematics, Materials, Audio, and Localization.
  • Wrote and maintained Lighting and Environment Art tools, scripts, and plugins in Maya and Photoshop.
  • Worked with a small group to setup a distributed GI Baking workflow for lighting artists.
  • Responsible for tools to profile and optimize asset memory usage throughout the game.

Fabled Fortress (iOS, Android, PC, Mac)


Role: Game Programmer
Studio: Sourcebits Inc. (Later Wandake Game Studio) // Rochester, MI
Status: Cancelled
Core Tech: Unity3D

  • Contributed to writing game logic, shaders, and tools.
  • Developed a workflow (including custom tools) to create optimized, stylized, terrains and worlds.
  • Optimized art pipeline for iOS and Android devices.
  • Implemented “Spell Casting”, “Popularity”, “Farming”, and “Defensive Wall” gameplay mechanics.


Other Contributions

A few projects I made minor contributions to as a contractor or just for fun.

Urban Vision


Website: Urban Vision // Contributors
School: Purdue University // West Lafayette, IN

Modeled and textured 3D buildings for the NSF funded project.

Mechknight Chronicles


Website: Mechknight Chronicles: Knightfall
Studio: Dinosaur Games // Austin, TX

Wrote a CgFX pre-viz shader for Maya and python scripts for specialized FBX exporting from Maya.

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