SXSW // Austin, TX // Day 5 & 6

I had an amazing experience this week at SXSW. I met some great people from companies such as Naughty Dog, Red 5, Kingsisle, NCSoft, Bioware, EA, Junction Point, and many more. On Monday, the IGDA scholars sat down with legendary game designer, Warren Spector, for lunch at Junction Point, the studio responsible for developing “Epic Mickey” for the Wii. After that we toured Bioware Austin, who developed “Star Wars: The Old Republic.” We got some insight into how their studio runs and the type of problems that came up during SWTOR’s 5 years of development.

It’s disappointing that I have to leave Austin so soon, but the experience was great. I met some awesome people, played some cool new games, and saw some great bands. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to go back to (or possibly even work in) this amazing city.

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