So Close

I only have one more exam in my college career! With graduation coming up quickly, I’ve been scrambling to get all my stuff together for applications and get my work critiqued by as many people as I can. I’m also about to be finished with my Maya Plug-ins (C++ API) class, which has been a great learning experience.

This summer, I will be an unofficial Teaching Assistant for a Game Programming course at OCC’s Orchard Ridge campus. It’s unofficial, so I can leave to work at any time (*nudge*nudge* game companies). The course will deal with C# and XNA as well as the basics of 3D game programming.

In other news, my capstone course’s group won “Best Product” for our interactive GPU ray tracer and the animation project (“Early Birds”) I worked on last semester won “Best Animation” in Purdue’s SIGGRAPH Gallery. I was also invited to be a student presenter at Purdue’s Industrial Advisory Board meeting to speak about my experience in Purdue’s Computer Graphics 411/450 capstone courses.

Overall it’s been a busy past couple of weeks and I look forward to having some more free time to work on some tool and plugin ideas I’ve had.

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