Student Work

RTR OptiX GPU Raytracer (Senior Project)


Role: Lead Programmer (Group of 4)
School: Purdue University // West Lafayette, IN
Core Tech: NVIDIA OptiX // PC

  • Interactive GPU Raytracer written in C++ using Nvidia’s OptiX GPU Raytracing SDK.
  • Modified and reworked OptiX sample programs to create a basic renderer.
  • Project research involved creating an animated scene with different materials (specular, diffuse, reflective, and transparent), benchmarking results on different GPUs, and presenting the information to a group of faculty members and students.
  • Voted “Best Product” in Purdue’s CGT 411/450 capstone course (Spring 2012).

Maya Tile-Based Level Editor


Role: Technical Director of Purdue’s Game Development Club
School: Purdue University // West Lafayette, IN
Core Tech: OpenMaya, Maya cmds, Python // Maya

  • Created as a tool for a student project for Purdue’s Game Development Club.
  • Allowed users new to Maya to easily create levels for a Unity3D game.
  • Supported simple “Tilesets” with basic building blocks and extra props.



Role: Sole Developer
School: Oakland Community College // Auburn Hills, MI
Core Tech: Microsoft XNA, C# // PC

  • Implemented particles, transparent textures, FBX importing, and Xbox 360 controller support.
  • Swapped out skybox texture during “Lightspeed” mode.

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